How We Learn


The BFA community code  "We Learn, We Lead, We Serve" forms the basis for all school-wide and classroom expectations.These core values are integrated throughout our school culture and are the cornerstone of the habits of work and learning we established as part of our grading policy.

  • We Learn - At BFA, we support each other's learning by building a community where everyone can take risks to learn and grow in new ways.


  • We Lead - Every student and adult has the potential to be a leader. We also expect the members of our community to go out into the world to actively use their voice to address issues important to them and others.


  • We Serve - At the BFA students and adults are challenged to uplift their community by doing both the expected and unexpected.


Expeditionary Learning


Expeditionary Learning is a curriculum designed to promote critical thinking, skills and habits, academic achievement, and personal development through the use of in-depth investigations that engage students in community, projects, and service. An expedition brings experts into the classroom, takes students into the field, and engages students in real world learning experiences.


To ensure high quality instruction and learning, our school utilizes the ten design principles and five core practices of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound. 


Find out more about Expeditionary Learning here: (