Over fifty parents donate food and money to host the 8th annual Holiday Celebration feeding all of BFA's over 500 students and 75 faculty and staff.  It was a joyous delight for all who attended!

BFA Families 

"Every parent's deepest wish is that their children are self sufficient, happy, and able to live a full life.'

Peter Block



Family engagement is a cornerstone of the foundation of the Baltimore Freedom Academy. Parents and guardians are welcome at the school at all times. We value your presence and your active participation in both social and academic activities. Our staff is committed to providing you and your child with a high quality public education. We know that this occurs when families are actively engaged in their child's educational experiences as partners with the school.


Click here for a copy of the Student & Family Handbook.


Give Me Five


We encourage families to particiate in the "Give Me Five" program which asks for just five hours of your time. Families can meet their five hour commitment in a variety of ways. Opportunities range from calling other families about school events to participating in a lobbying event in Annapolis. Based on your availability and interests, our volunteer committee will help match you with volunteer opportunities that support the school community.


Contact [email protected]  for more information.


Families in Leadership


Families are also included as active participants in school decisions, with two parents/guardians of BFA students serving on the Board of Directors. Other opportunities for leadership and participation exist within the school's parent teacher organization (PTO), the Family Empowerment Coalition (FEC)


Contact the FEC -

[email protected]


Families Activities


Baltimore Education Coalition Rally 2010 Legislative Session - BFA loads two full buses!


                             BFA community rallies in Annapolis to ensure no cuts to education!


Annual Stakeholders Banquet


                                    Leadership of BFA's organized PTO the Family Empowerment Coalition gather to share in the festivities of honoring our most prized stakeholders.


City Council Hearing on School Facilities


                             Melissa Thomas P'12 & P'14 advocates for quality school facilities 


Back to School Night Dinner 2010


                              Parents provide dinner at Back to School night!


8th Annual Holiday Celebration - Parents host over 575 people for a homecooked meal!


                       Parents make the season bright!