Freedom Fighters Forever!!!

Let's go Freedom

Athletics is a large part of developing a well-rounded scholar and families, faculty and staff who are invested in the school and surrounding community.  The Baltimore Freedom Academy commits to ensuring access to an athletics program which supports high achieving students.


Cameron Bowcock -

[email protected]

PE/Health Faculty


Athletics Director, Varsity Football and Baseball Coach


David Baum


  Varsity Men's Basketball Head Coach  

Nicole Brooks

US Student Support Counselor

  Soccer and Women's Softball Coach  

Derrick Chase

Restorative Justice Coordinator

  MS Basketball Coach  

Bobbi Green

Humanities Faculty

  Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field (Men's) Coach  

Jason Kuppler

Humanities Faculty

  Varsity Football Coach  

Richard Jackson

PE/Health Faculty

  JV Men's Basketball Assistant Coach  

Edwin Moore

Math Faculty

  Varsity Men's Basketball Assistant Coach  

Conor O'Brien

Science Faculty

  JV Men's Basketball Head Coach  

Kaitlin Rafferty

Math Faculty

Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field (Women's) Coach

Omarr Smith

Title I Reading Intervention

  Women's Basketball Head Coach  

Larry Strickland

Humanities Special Educator

  Varsity Football Coach  

Travis Watkins

Special Education Team Support

  Men's Baseball Coach  


                              Freedom 3 


Freedom Fighters kick off their inaugural tackle football season in 2010 

                              Football 1


Faculty support has been key to the Freedom Fighter victory strategy!

                              Freedom Faculty


BFA Men's Varsity program has had one of it's strongest seasons ever under the leadership of Coaches David Baum, Edwin Moore and Horace Woods P '07 & '11


                             BFA Varsity Basketball 10-11


MS Basketball has dominated this season with a group of 7th and 8th grade young men who are experiencing wins both on and off the court!


                          BFA's middle basketball team after their most recent win in an 8 - 0 record against SEED school of Maryland (44 - 40 BFA).